Epic Jumper – Part Three

I have been working hard on tying knots, weaving ends and trimming ends. It’s taken 2 evening and 4 episodes of Breaking Bad to get one side done. I have had to tighten some of the stitches too. The knit isn’t as neat as I’d like it, but the embellishments go some way to hide them.

After the school run, the Littlest One left me to embroider whilst she played for an hour or so. She is now asleep meaning I can’t get to my Local Yarn Shop (LYS) to get some black and dark red yarn to finish the front.


Here is a sneak peek at what I’ve today.

Of course, I’m thinking of the next project as this one in on the home straight. I need some grey and white yarn from the LYS for this. It’s another birthday present, but this is one for the Biggest One who’s birthday is in about 10 days!