Back to normal!

House is as tidy as it normally is, I think I may play with my new dyes I bought from Yarndale tomorrow. 🙂


Yarndale, Birthdays and Big Knits!

What a week!

I have

– baked 1 Peppa pig cake

– boiled 9 eggs

– made 3 loaves into sandwiches (with help from  made by my Mum)

– watched 12 episodes of Breaking Bad

– visited Yarndale

– planned another project

– completed 1 unicorn hat

– entertained 8 children and 11 adults

– wrapped 10 presents

– cleared away wrapping paper from more than 10 presents

– fill 16 party bags

– crocheted 1 Totoro toy (minus a tail)

– attended 1 toddler dance group

– survived 1 teacher strike day (just)

– written 1 2nd birthday card

– written 1 6th birthday card

– attended 2 swimming lessons

– created 1 Google+ page


There is probably more, but I’m just too tired to think of any more. The Biggest One’s party is on Saturday, but she’s going to a local pottery painting cafe so I only need to bake a cake and take party bags. Then that is it. Done…for another year!