Too Much Yarn, Not Enough Children!

I’m in the middle of projects and I’m finding it hard to decided on the next major project.

I’m drawn to colourful yarns and have a few rainbow yarns which I know will make nice jumpers. They are waiting, patiently, to be made into something wonderful but there are only so many jumpers a child can wear.

All these jumpers are made using the same pattern book. A pattern I can almost knit in my sleep. The jumpers are from designer Julia Stanfield at Just One WIP. I have used the Hotshot¬† and Little Einstein patterns from the pattern book The Little Rascals. They are so simple and quick it’s easy to experiment with colour and patterns. There are various options for hoods, collars and pockets so you can create the jumper or cardigan you need.

The Hotshot is great for little ones, the short sleeves mean cuffs don’t get dirty or wet, yet they still have a warm layer on. They are designed with a positive ease, meaning they can be layered up. Great for autumnal days, with a long sleeved t shirt underneath. I usually throw one on with a top and leggings. I made a few for each of mine last winter to match various outfits. I’m thinking of making a few more for them this winter.

The Hotshot jumper is knitted in a round on circular needles after the initial flat knitted part. Both patterns, and infact all of Julia’s patterns, are seamless. No sewing required. Once the item is finished, you just need to weave in the end and you’re done. This is what drew me to this pattern, the first I bought online. Normal flat knit jumpers were a slog, I was too impatient. I don’t think I’ve ever completed a flat knit pattern. These, on the other hand, have become a bit of an addiction. Trouble is, I don’t have enough children to put them in!


Yarndale, Birthdays and Big Knits!

What a week!

I have

– baked 1 Peppa pig cake

– boiled 9 eggs

Рmade 3 loaves into sandwiches (with help from  made by my Mum)

– watched 12 episodes of Breaking Bad

– visited Yarndale

– planned another project

– completed 1 unicorn hat

– entertained 8 children and 11 adults

– wrapped 10 presents

– cleared away wrapping paper from more than 10 presents

– fill 16 party bags

– crocheted 1 Totoro toy (minus a tail)

– attended 1 toddler dance group

– survived 1 teacher strike day (just)

– written 1 2nd birthday card

– written 1 6th birthday card

– attended 2 swimming lessons

– created 1 Google+ page


There is probably more, but I’m just too tired to think of any more. The Biggest One’s party is on Saturday, but she’s going to a local pottery painting cafe so I only need to bake a cake and take party bags. Then that is it. Done…for another year!