Epic Jumper – Part One!

I am well on the way with the Littlest’s birthday jumper. As I mentioned before, I have been trying intersia in a round. I did my usually trick and googled how to do it. I thought I could just pull the yarn round the back of the whole round, but this would create too many strands of yarn in the jumper making it messy, easy to snag and warm.

I found a solution – cut the yarn at each colour change! This is a big no no in inersia, well, I suppose most knitting really.

When I started the colour work, I pulled some of the yarns behind the small sections (upto 6/7 stiches) and cut yarn for larger sections. I also left the thread untied, thinking I could tighten and tie when the whole this was finished. As I got further down the colour work, the stiches became looser and harder to knit. I now tie each join up every few rows, tightening as needed. I also found it easier to tie every colour change, rather than pull the yarn round the back of short sections.

I have managed to get some pictures of how this jumper is progressing. I’ve had to use my old phone and therefore the quality isn’t great but I’m passing them off as if I’ve used some sort of Instagram/iPhone filter.

2013-09-08 00.16.50


Yeah, I reckon I can get away with that!!


Lost and Broken

I’ve started a blog about my adventures in knitting, but I have now lost my broken camera. I know I had it when we moved, but where did I put it.

For the time being I will have to use old pictures, or picture taken on my crap phone.