Unicorn Hats

I’ve been AWOL, I knew this would happen…But I have been busy. I promise!

Anyway, I have squeezed in a little knitting and crochet. These were items people asked for. I have never really made anything for money. Only as gifts.

A friend asked for this pattern. It’s a knitted pattern by Brittany Tyler. It was really easy and quick to knit up and it felt lovely and cosy. I think the super bulky yarn helps.

2013-09-28 09.13.08

I was also asked to make this one. It’s on the lovely blog Repeat Craft Me. This too was quick and easy to make up. The time consuming part was adding the mane. Lots of cutting and tying! I did find I had to make more rounds on the horn. I guess it was because I was using very thin DK rather than Worst weight.

IMG_0003[1] IMG_0002[1] IMG_0001[1]

The danger of getting back into knitting and crocheting is that I usually find some something else I want to do next.

…Mickey Mouse hat anyone?