You know your a knitter when…

…you find random stitch markers around the house… …every corner is stuffed full of yarn… …your hoover is full of colourful yarn ends… …you’re thinking about wooly hats in summer and floaty summer tops in winter… …you don’t buy that … Continue reading


It’s not often I choose to work with grey. It’s not colourful enough for me.  I love to play with colour whilst knitting or crocheting, matching various shades and hues.

…but there is one reason I work with grey – my husband.

I rarely get chance to make things for him. It’s usually cute little (colourful) cardigans for my daughters that find their way onto my needless/hook, but once in a while I will make something for him.

I started a pair of wooly sock for Mr PurplePurl for Valentines day. Being cocky, I started 4 days before! Ha! The first sock knitted up quickly and I got that finished for the special day! 🙂



Ta Da!

The trouble with socks is that my husband needs a pair, rather than just one. So I cast on another sock…


and this is where I am today! Knitting a grey sock whilst it’s grey outside!