As soon as I read The Daily Post, I imediately of knitting. In particular, lace knitting.

Knitting lace needs time. It needs patience. It need dedication.

As a busy mum of 2 girls I have none of these.

One day I will be able to enjoy casting off that stunning hand knitted lace shawl, but today I will have to just keep those patterns safely in my Ravelry favourites!!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”



It’s not often I choose to work with grey. It’s not colourful enough for me.  I love to play with colour whilst knitting or crocheting, matching various shades and hues.

…but there is one reason I work with grey – my husband.

I rarely get chance to make things for him. It’s usually cute little (colourful) cardigans for my daughters that find their way onto my needless/hook, but once in a while I will make something for him.

I started a pair of wooly sock for Mr PurplePurl for Valentines day. Being cocky, I started 4 days before! Ha! The first sock knitted up quickly and I got that finished for the special day! 🙂



Ta Da!

The trouble with socks is that my husband needs a pair, rather than just one. So I cast on another sock…


and this is where I am today! Knitting a grey sock whilst it’s grey outside!