Chill Day!

The Hubby has taken the Littlest One to the coast today. As he left he asked what I planned to do on my own all day. Gesturing to the front room covered in toys,

I said ‘I suppose I’ll be tidying.’

‘Have a chill day!’ he replied as he left the house

I have now recorded this conversation so I can proove it happened.

So my Chill Day has turned into a Dying Day. I had 200g of aran and 200g 4ply soaking in white vinegar from yesterday.

It’s my second attempt at acid dyes. I have dyed a few times with food colouring before attempting acid dyes, so have a little experience. I love watching the colours murge and make new shades. Every dye attempt is different. Every dye attempt turns out differently to how I expected or planned. (Is that just me?)

First I did a rainbow colourway with the Aran. I mixed magenta, yellow and cyan, then used these to mix the other colours (green, orange, purple) whist on the yarn.

2013-10-08 10.34.36

There seemed to be a lot of extra dye that came out after cooking the yarn, but after rinsing it all out, the colours seem to be ok.

2013-10-08 11.39.00

I also aquired a colourful muslins from today’s dying. It was used to wipe my hands and mop up any dye on the table, but it looks like I meant to do it!

2013-10-08 10.59.09

Anyway, here is the yarn re skeined! Not how I planned or thought it would turn out, but beautiful, none the less!

2013-10-08 14.31.36

2013-10-08 14.24.47


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