Autumnal Bike Ride

After the stress of the last few weeks I really needed to do something different today. I decided to go for a bike ride. I bought my bike in the summer holidays after the Biggest One learnt to ride and got a new big bike. We’ve only managed a few rides together so I decided to get some get out and blow those cobwebs away.

We live near the Leeds Liverpool Canal which is perfect, but I decided to try a few quiet roads aswell. I have the Littlest One in a seat on the back so I don’t feel too confident on busy roads.

We took a few country roads, and tackled walked up one big hill, but enjoyed free wheeling down the other side. The Littlest One loved how fast we went, shouting ‘Faster, faster, FASSSSSSTERRRRRRR!’

We were held up by a quick trip to the park then again at the level crossing. We finally got to the canal. Autumn has really started to set in here. The patches of yellow and red leaves under each tree were beautiful. I had little chance to look up, avoiding the roots and stones on the tow path, so that was all I saw.

Leeds Liverpool Canal

Leeds Liverpool Canal

I love using the canal. I imagine the hustle and bustle when they were the main transport links round the country. The hundreds of people and animals who have tread the tow path for years. Now they are peaceful places for dog walkers and cyclists alike.

Leeds Liverpool Canal

Leeds Liverpool Canal

The Littlest One loved it and I have returned with a renewed energy. I need to go more often. I have also been inspired for another crochet project too!


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